Intensive Outpatient Program

Who we are and what we do

The Recovery Center provides a high quality, cost-effective Intensive Outpatient Program that is based in 12-step recovery, principles of psychotherapy, and optional Christian counseling for adult men and women diagnosed with substance use and co-occurring mental health disorders. The goal of the program is to provide each patient a safe, caring, and supportive environment to heal and begin recovery from their addiction. We view substance use disorders as both an individual and family problem that affects the person and their family emotionally, medically, spiritually, and socially. As such, emphasis is placed on engaging the family in the treatment and providing a holistic approach (mind, body, spirit) to recovery.

Length of Treatment

The Intensive Outpatient Program typically lasts six (6) to twelve (12) weeks. The initial commitment and treatment plan is for six (6) weeks. Typically during the fifth week of treatment, the patient and their family (if applicable) will meet with the primary therapist to discuss readiness to complete the program versus indication to extend the length of treatment. Readiness for treatment completion is based on three components: attendance and appropriate participation in group and individual sessions, successful completion of treatment plan interventions, and emotional and recovery stability.

Program Components and Schedule

Each patient in the program will meet with a licensed counselor once per week for an individual session* and attend four (4) group sessions per week. Patients also receive a minimum of one random urine alcohol and drug screen per week. Patients are typically asked to attend a minimum of three (3) outside NA/NA or Faith-Based recovery meetings per week. There is also a weekly, optional Bible Study held at The Recovery Center that is Open to patients and their families.

Program Schedule

Mondays             Optional Bible Study                            4:00 PM – 5:00PM

                              Addiction Recovery Group                  5:30 PM – 7:45PM

Tuesdays            Psychotherapy Group                          5:30 PM – 7:30PM

Wednesdays      Family Therapy Group                         5:30 PM – 8:00PM

Thursdays          Addiction Recovery Group                  5:30 PM – 7:45PM

* Individual Sessions are scheduled Monday – Friday during business hours with the patient’s primary therapist.


Types of Substances Treated

  • GHB
  • LSD
  • Mushrooms
  • Designer Drugs
  • Synthetic Cannabinoids (‘legal weed’, spice, K2, etc.)
  • Synthetic Cathinones (bath salts)
  • Amphetamines including abuse of ADHD medicines
  • Methamphetamine
  • Inhalants

Individualized Treatment Planning

One size does not fit all when it comes to substance abuse and addiction treatment. We diligently strive to ensure that each patient in our program has a treatment plan and experience that is specific to their individual needs and preferences. The following are some examples of treatment planning that is available at The Recovery Center:

  • Marital issues
  • Trauma Issues/PTSD
  • Grief and Loss
  • Chronic Relapse
  • Process Addictions (Gambling, sex, etc.)
  • Loneliness
  • Social Issues
  • Transitioning home from a residential or inpatient program
  • Aftercare and Monitoring
  • Specialized Family Therapy
  • Christians in recovery
  • Spirituality
  • 12-step recovery immersion
  • Integration of Recovery as a lifestyle

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“The staff was great. I have really gained a lot out of group therapy and the assignments given me. I have truly grown over the last 7 weeks. Thank God & the staff of the Recovery Center.”

Anonymous Former Patient

“I have benefited tremendously from my experience at TRC. I am thankful for all of the staff for helping me in my recovery and for always making me feel welcome. Thank you!”

Anonymous Former Patient

“Surpassed my expectations! My family has benefited so much from our time at TRC.”

Anonymous Family Member of Former Patient

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