Methamphetamine Addiction

Methamphetamine abuse is rising in Louisiana. This is largely due in part to its lower cost and lasting euphoria. Crystal Meth, also known as meth, crank or tweak is a powerful central nervous stimulant which the body quickly builds up tolerance, requiring for more of the drug to be ingested in order to get the same effect.

Addiction to this drug can quickly take over your life. In many cases, meth addiction causes one to become isolated and have conflicts with relationships. Both physical and mental states can be affected heavily by meth.

The Recovery Center of Baton Rouge can help. We specialize in developing an individualized treatment plan that can help you or your loved one suffering from addiction. Our cost-effective, intensive outpatient program is based on 12-step recovery and principles of psychotherapy. We offer faith-based counseling and a supportive environment to heal and begin recovery.

Call The Recovery Center of Baton Rouge at (225) 927-7475 for a consultation today.

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